Reporting a Repair

We hope you enjoy living in your association home.  However, sometimes you may need a repair carried out and you can arrange this in one of four following ways:

1. By phoning us on 0141 554 2406 and press 1.  

    for Out of Hours Emergency Repairs ONLY please phone 0141 554  2406 and press 1 or call James Frew Gas Sure on 01294 468113 for no heating / hot water..

2. By email to:

3. Writing to us at Reidvale Housing Association, 13 Whitevale Street, Dennistoun, Glasgow  G31 1QW.  

4. Please note that you cannot currently call at the office in person. 

5. You can also submit the form below to report a repair.

Are you a Reidvale resident? ( required )
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DO NOT submit this form for Out of Hours Emergency Repairs - phone 0141 554 2406 and press 1.  

When reporting a repair, please give us as much information as possible about the repair required; the nature of the problem, where it is located, what happened (include a photo if possible); when you will be available to give access to the contractor and your contact details. Based on the information provided by yourself, the Maintenance Officer / Assistant Officer will advise you on the priority of the repair and when you may expect the repair to be completed.

We will inform you of the work we have ordered, the timescale within which we will complete the repair and the name of the contractor who will carry out the work.  

Please report all repairs promptly as soon as they occur or you discover them, this includes repairs outwith your home.

Pre - inspections

We will pre-inspect repairs were the amount of work required has a significant cost, were the report is unclear and others selected by the Maintenance Officer / Assistant Officer.

Reporting an Emergency Repair Out of Hours

If you have a repair which cannot wait until the office opens then you should contact our out of hours service by phoning 0141 554 2406 and press 1.

Provide details of the repair and the call handler will arrange for a tradesman to call.

The tradesperson will attend your home within 2 hours so you must stay in until the contractor attends, as the contractor may not be in position to advise you in advance of their arrival.

The out of hours service operates between 5pm and 9am Monday to Friday, all day Saturday and Sunday and all day on public holidays. If you make arrangements for a contractor to call either as an emergency or any other repair and you do not give access, you will be recharged the cost of the contractor’s time. More information can be found on emergency repairs here.

Please note that the out of hours repair service is for emergencies only.  

More information can be found on emergency repairs here and on all repair response times here