The Association recognises that good quality housing needs to be coupled with a decent quality neighbourhood, to make our area desireable and sustainable in the long term.  The efficient and effective management of our properties is essential and maintaining the good appearance of the properties that we own determines how our properties are valued and perceived by our residents and by the wider neighbouring communities.  By taking prompt action, the Association will minimise occasions where the appearance of our properties and surrounding environment deteriorates.  Such deterioration can have a detrimental effect on the neighbourhood and subsequently the ability to relet property, which in turn can affect the sustainability of the Associaton and the wider community.  

Estate services refers to services which aim to allow residents to have a quiet enjoyment of their homes and a decent, safe and secure environment to live in.  It can cover a wide range of activities which focus both upon the people living in the area and on the physical environment of the area itself.  A decent quality neighbourhood is not solely dependent on the quality of our estate services, and relates on a broad range of organisations to work together, including: the local community, other service providers such as Glasgow City Council, Glasgow Neighbourhoods, Regeneration and Sustainability and Police Scotland.

We acknowledge estate management inspections have slipped over a period of time with a decrease in satisfaction levels and one of the methods used to address this matter is estate management.  We are in the process of carrying out inspections and following up on issues raised by residents and working to improve our level of customer satisfaction.  

We are working in partnership with other service providers to ensure issues requiring attention outwith the Association's remit are acknowledged and responded to and we are making progress with the issues requiring attention from the Association.  

Examples of issues addressed during our estate management inspections are shown below:

Works Description

Bulk Uplift
Communal Fans
Window Ironmongery
`Bin Store Repairs
Moss Removal 
Graffiti Removal
Tree Surgeons
Roofing Works
Close Cleaning (Tiles Polish)

The road sweeping, upkeep of pavements, bollards, kerbs, sweeping and de-littering and de-weeding of common areas, are the responsibility of the Local Authority.  

Stonework repairs are included as part of the Association's ongoing stonework Programme.  

If you have any issues or wish to highlight any issue to the Association please do not hesitate to contact us through the following link