Medical Adaptations

Reidvale Housing Association recognises that people’s housing needs can change over the years, often through ill health, disability or old age. This can result in certain aspects of the house no longer being suitable.

The most common problems being:

• Getting in and out of the bath;

• Doors being too narrow for wheelchairs;

• Steps to the house restricting access.

Many of these problems can be overcome by making adaptations to the house such as:

• Fitting a “walk in shower”;

• Widening the doorways;

• Providing a ramp access to the house.

If you feel you may benefit from such an adaptation, the first step is to contact your GP who can ask for an Occupational Therapist to assess your needs. The Occupational Therapist can recommend adaptations and ask the Association to carry out the work.

Restrictions in the number of medical adaptations

Although Reidvale Housing Association is committed to helping people stay in their home and retain a good quality of life, we are restricted in the number of medical adaptations we can carry out each year by the level of grants we are awarded from Glasgow City Council for this purpose. Regrettably no guarantee can be given that the work requested will be carried out in any given year.

You should also be aware that it is sometimes extremely difficult, or indeed, impossible, to adapt a house to meet all the needs of an individual and it may be necessary for you to consider other options and other ways to meet your housing needs such as a transfer.  Please contact us if you have any concerns.  

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