Repair Response Times

Following a review fo our current repair response times, the Association has introduced new repair categories and response times which are noted below;

Emergency repairs

Our objective is that any hazard must be made safe within 4 hours.

Examples of emergency repairs are;

  • loss of power or electrical faults endangering life or the property;
  • water ingress e.g. flooding to the flat below;
  • burst pipes and water tanks;
  • break-in;
  • loss of keys;
  • securing flat after Police attendance;
  • gain access incl. failure of door entry system;
  • lack of heating / hot water;
  • unusable toilet facilities;
  • choked drains upsurging within flat;
  • glazing if dangerous i.e. close door, single glazed stairhead windows;
  • falling masonry or structural problems causing a danger to tenants and the general public;
  • fires;
  • loss of water supply.