Owners Repairs

If works are needed to one of the common areas within your tenement such as the stairs, back court or roof then please contact us on 0141 554 2406 or by e-mail maintenance@reidvale.org.uk or factoring@reidvale.org.uk.

Emergency repairs

Emergency repairs which arise within office hours should be reported immediately to the Association. Those occurring outwith office hours should be reported to the Association’s Emergency Repairs Service on 0141 554 2406 and press 1. Additional charges may apply for emergency repairs as set out in your Written Statement of Services.

The timescales for attending common repairs are noted below:

  • Emergency: Make safe within 2 Hours
  • Routine: 24 Hours

In some circumstances repairs make take longer than these timescales due to factors such as parts need to be ordered, weather conditions and the agreement of owners.

Private Repairs

If you need to have a repair carried out to your own property we can provide you with details of our preferred contractors. Please contact us on 0141 554 2406 or by e-mail repairs@reidvale.org.uk or factoring@reidvale.org.uk.

If you are unable to arrange private repairs yourself, the Association can, if requested, instruct private repairs on your behalf providing your account is up to date. You will be charged outwith the normal billing process and payment will be expected within 7 days.