Pest Control

Discovering pests in your home or common areas can cause concern and understandably you will be keen to eradicate them as quickly as possible.  Common pests include mice, rats, ants, beetles, bed bugs and moths.  

It is important to ensure you take every action to prevent pests entering your home or common area.  In order to deter pests, all residents should:

  • keep kitchen and food preparation areas clear and clean, removing any crumbs or food residue;
  • ensure all waste bins are covered, emptied and cleaned regularly;
  • clean any spaces next to cookers or white goods are cleaned regularly;
  • store all foodstuffs correctly and in sealed containers;
  • report any minor leaks promptly to remove any potential water source;
  • wash and dry bed linen on the hottest temperature available;
  • inspect any second hand items very carefully before purchase to avoid bringing pests into the home.

Mice and Rats

Glasgow City Council Environmental Health Services provide the following services to residents;

  • investigate and treat issues with mice when the pests occur indoors at domestic properties;
  • investigate and treat issues with rats at domestic property either indoors or outdoors.

Environmental Health will liaise with Reidvale Housing Association to resolve the issues causing the rodent infestation.

You can contact Environmental Health by calling 0141 287 1059, emailing or clicking here.

Moths, ants and beetles 

It is the tenant's responsibility to deal with moths, ants and beetles and treatment products are widely available to purchase from DIY and hardware shops.