Transfer Focus Group

Terms of Reference


Name of group:        Reidvale Transfer Focus Group

Title:                           Terms of Reference

Purpose and Remit

The Transfer Focus Group has been established to ensure tenants and service users have the opportunity to shape and influence the proposed transfer of Reidvale Housing Association to Places for People Scotland.

The remit of the Focus Group includes:

·         To work with Reidvale and Places for People Scotland to shape the transfer proposal to negotiate the best deal for the Reidvale community

·         To act as a sounding board throughout the consultation period

·         To advise on the best methods to maximise tenant engagement

·         To work with Reidvale and Places for People Scotland to develop and implement an effective tenant engagement strategy


The Transfer Focus Group is open to tenants and service users committed to deliver the remit of the group, as outlined in the Terms of Reference.  


Openness and transparency are important considerations in the work of the Focus Group and all partners throughout the consultation process.

The Focus Group will be independently chaired by the Tenants Information Service (TIS) in their capacity as the Independent Tenant Advisor. TIS will provide independent support to the group to ensure they are fully informed and have the opportunity to act as a sounding board throughout the transfer consultation period.

The group are not responsible for reporting back on activities of the group. Minutes will be taken at each meeting by TIS in their role as Independent Tenant Advisors. Draft minutes will be presented at each Focus Group to be approved to ensure their accuracy.  TIS will support the group to set meeting agendas. Group members names will not be detailed in minutes to ensure their confidentiality.



Meetings will be held throughout the tenant consultation period. The group will meet regularly to act as a sounding board throughout the informal and formal tenant consultation stages up to the tenant ballot.

Reidvale will circulate calling notices and paperwork prior to each meeting.

Sharing of information and resources  

Reidvale and Places for People Scotland will share information in the shaping of the Business Case to ensure the Focus Group acts as a sounding board.


August 2023