Our current Business Plan (LINK) covers the period from 2019-2023 but has been reviewed this year to take acount of the disruption caused by COVID and details of the Interim Review can be access here (LINK).

In addition to our Business Plan we have been working on our Governance Improvement Plan since (            ) in order to achieve compliance with the Regulatory Standards issued by the Scottish Housing Regulator.

Our most recent Engagement Plan confirms that we are working towards compliance and the Regulator has identified a number of areas we have to improve.  This is mainly around our internal governance and not about tenant services and there is no suggestion of any irregularities having taken place or that we are under any formal engagement with the Regulator.

We are also having to carry out an Options Appraisal which is being carried out by independent consultants, Arneil Johnston.  The first part of this has involved a thorough check of our current financial and governance arrangements and they will then consider all of the options available to us going forward to ensure we have a viable long term future.

This will involve us making more changes in the next few months so we are in the best position to continue to serve the Reidvale community.  This will include recruiting new members to our Management Committee so if you believe you have the time, energy and skills to contribute to our Committee please get in touch.

We know it might feel like a lot of changes are being made but these are essential so we can continue as an independent community based housing association.