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Ernesto Vaz

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Born 1952 in Nairobi, Kenya, Ernesto Vaz came to the UK in 1972, a refugee of Idi Amin’s Ugandan regime. Trained at the Glasgow School of Art, he achieved both a 1st class diploma in art and a masters in art. He has worked in Graphic Design as a designer, partner and art director in various agencies across the UK. Ernesto currently lectures at Reid Kerr College, Paisley, Glasgow. His work is in private collections across the world including Keyna, Uganda, UK (Scotland, England and Wales), USA, Canada, St Andrews College Glasgow.

Since setting up his studio in 1998, he has been committed to painting full time and exploring the potential of acrylics and oils. The themes and preoccupation in his work have shifted endlessly over the years, working with colour and light. Communication has been the main concern of his paintings, explored in a return to the basic language of colour. His current fascination is with nature versus the subtlety of colour, and its ability to express emotions and evoke response. Through his work he has achieved balance, health and happiness in his own life.

Ernesto works with people with dementia and mental health problems and has worked in prisons on a voluntary basis. He also teaches art therapy using different techniques.

Ernesto has been on the RHA Committee since 2004 and has helped with the judging for the nursery awards.